May 26, 2024

Lakers News: Is It Time To Bench D’Angelo Russell?

Coming into the season, one of the biggest question marks surrounding the Los Angeles Lakers was how point guard D’Angelo Russell would perform. He was great for them last season, until the Western Conference Finals rolled around, where he looked like a shell of himself. Many have speculated that Russell shouldn’t have been re-signed, but LA values the skill set that he brings to the table. However, there are already calls for the team to bench him this year, not even 10 games into the season.

NBA writer Dan Favale of Bleacher Report believes that it is time for the Lakers to bench Russell once point guard Gabe Vincent returns from injury. LA has been up and down since the start of the season, which could lead them to make a move. “I’m left to wonder whether L.A. should consider moving Russell to the bench and starting Gabe Vincent (when healthy). They can also contemplate steering into the Christian Wood experience from the opening jump, with either DLo or Vincent alongside LeBron, Davis and Reaves.” Per Dan Favale of Bleacher Report

If the team were to make the move on Russell this early, it could cause some issues within the locker room. Many expected him to be traded at the deadline if things didn’t work out well, and it seems that it could still be the case. But the Lakers also want to keep his confidence up throughout the season, because he is an important piece to their team. They also don’t want to mess with the chemistry that Russell has built with the starters, at least just yet.

“LeBron, Davis and—despite his initial struggles—Reaves all register as starting-lineup locks. But the Lakers shouldn’t hesitate to mix it up from there.” Per Dan Favale of Bleacher Report It seems that the Lakers will make a move within their starting rotation down the line, most likely with Russell being the odd man out. But it isn’t time just yet to do so

If the team continues to have issues once Vincent returns from his injury in a few weeks, then it should be considered. But until then, the Lakers will need to live and die by how Russell performs on a nightly basis.

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