In a system such as Luton’s, where roles are defined and he can use his physicality to his advantage, it could work out, but on pure ability alone, it’s questionable whether or not Davis is good enough to make an impact in the top flight.

At Watford last season, at times, he struggled greatly, going on a long goal drought mid-season and eventually ending up with just seven strikes to his name.

Davis did have a much better spell at Forest in 2021/22 as he helped them go up, but, Forest did not snap him up permanently when they surely had a chance to do so, which again makes you question why they chose not to do that.

Ultimately, Davis is arguably a top-half Championship player, but if he does get the move to Luton, it will certainly be interesting to see what sort of impact he can make in what is likely to be a struggling side at Kenilworth Road next campaign.