May 25, 2024

Blackburn Rovers boss Tomasson on his future and transfers

Jon Dahl Tomasson admits the project at Rovers has changed since he took the job last summer.

Tomasson’s future has been cast in doubt amid the club’s financial situation and the boss maintains the picture is “unclear” at Ewood Park ahead of the new seaosn.

“It’s a difficult situation. When I started this project, it was a different project,” he said. “The project has changed now, we need to be realistic about that.

“I really feel sorry for the fans that there is no clarity because they are the soul and the heart of the club. I think they should never be kept in the dark.

“I think it’s important to tell the fans because they are part of the club and they are here forever. This issue needs to be taken care of.

“It is a totally different situation from when I started the project, which was a great project and we need to be totally different about it. The ambitions need to change a lot with a different budget at the moment.

“We lost Dack and Brereton Diaz, two great players, and 23 goals. We lost experience with Daniel Ayala. These are all kids that want to learn but it’s a young team.

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“We saw last season where it was really important and we had a great season, it was terrible not to have a senior striker when it was all about winning and getting a goal in the end. Now the situation is probably even worse, but that is the situation.

“The fans need to know that. I am not the right person to ask about the financial things because I don’t know exactly, I am the head coach.”

Rovers have brought in Niall Ennis, Sondre Tronstad and Arnor Sigurdsson without paying a transfer fee this summer.

When asked if he had been given any insurance about further additions, Tomasson replied: “No, I don’t know. I feel terrible not to be able to say anything. Imagine how the supporters are feeling.

“It is a totally new situation, a totally unclear situation and we need to stick together.”

Asked about his future, he added: “I think it’s an unclear situation. I signed up for a project and that project has changed.

“The goalposts have moved when you change the budgets and the ambition should also change in that way. For me, we can’t keep the fans in the dark but we need to be honest.”

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