May 26, 2024

Steve Kerr Reveals Plan for Starting Lineup | Yardbarker

Steve Kerr Reveals New Lineup Plan After Loss to Lakers

The Golden State Warriors have really struggled all season to find a starting lineup that really clicks. Last night against the Los Angeles Lakers, they tried another new starting lineup and it seems like they’ll be trying it again. After the Warriors lost a heartbreaking game to the Los Angeles Lakers last night, head coach Steve Kerr revealed that he’ll continue playing Draymond Green at

Steve Kerr Reveals Plan for Starting Lineup | Yardbarker

the center position along with Andrew Wiggins and Jonathan Kuminga. He believed it allowed the Warriors to have more ability defensively, noting that it was needed because of how high scoring has been around the league.

We’re a little past the halfway point of the season and the Golden State Warriors are running out of time when it comes to tinkering. It feels like regardless of what lineups the Warriors put out on the court, they find a way to blow leads late in the game that ultimately leads to their demise. Last night against the Lakers, they went scoreless for a crucial portion of the fourth

Steve Kerr Reveals Plan for Starting Lineup | Yardbarker

quarter that ultimately led to the overtime. Despite whatever starting lineups this team runs with, they just have to do a better job of closing games. The Golden State Warriors currently have a record of 19-24, three games outside of a play-in spot. This team really just needs to find a way to string together three or four wins in a row and it’ll actually have life.


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