May 26, 2024

Jets Warned to Avoid $21 Million QB Addition: ‘Very Obvious’

All of the free agency moves have opened the doors for the New York Jets heading into the 2024 NFL draft.

One big red button the green and white shouldn’t press is taking a quarterback with the No. 10 overall pick according to Joe Tansey of Bleacher Report.

“It’s very obvious to state the Jets do not need a quarterback in the first round. However, there is a scenario in which a quarterback could be tempting to the Jets to plan for the post-[Aaron] Rodgers era. The Jets reside in the spot

Robert Saleh, Nathaniel Hackett

where Michael Penix Jr. and Bo Nix could be considered as first-round selections,” Tansey explained in a column posted on Monday, April 8. “The future is not what the Jets are worried about, even if they are still haunted by the struggles of their backup quarterbacks in 2023.”

The No. 10 overall pick is projected to sign a rookie contract worth $21.3 million, per Spotrac.

Top Reasons Why Jets Shouldn’t Take One of These QB Prospects

Robert Saleh, Nathaniel Hackett

Rich Cimini of ESPN revealed that the Jets “will have the oldest quarterback room in the league” in 2024.

One of the top reasons Tansey listed as to why the Jets should avoid Nix and Penix is because of their age.

Penix is 23 and he will turn 24 before the start of the 2024 season. While Nix already turned 24 back in February. Penix has played six seasons of college football from 2018 through 2023. Nix played five seasons of college football from 2019 through 2023.

While experience can certainly be an attractive quality, the trait that NFL teams covet is upside. You could make an argument that you already know what Nix and Penix are because they have played for so long.

Robert Saleh, Nathaniel Hackett

“Keeping either player behind Rodgers for at least one year would limit the window either player has in the NFL. They are both built to play now, and even in the most extreme scenarios, the Jets should avoid them,” Tansey said.

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