DONE agreement: The Tennessee Titans are very close to signing Houston Texans top wide receiver  after securing a world-class quarterback agreement with the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Titans introduce Brian Callahan as team's new head coach |

Titans: 3 cut candidates on Tennessee’s roster entering 2024 offseason

Which players should the Titans cut

The Tennessee Titans stand at a pivotal juncture as they approach the 2024 NFL offseason. Following a disappointing 6-11 record in the 2023 season and an absence from the playoffs, the team confronts difficult decisions regarding its roster. This analysis will explore the possible departure of key players and its implications for the team.

Brian Callahan, Ran Carthon, Malik Willis all beside each other, and Tennessee Titans wallpaper in the background.

The Titans aimed to surpass their disappointing 7–10 record from 2022 and secure a return to the playoffs after missing out for the first time since 2018. However, following a Week 15 defeat to the Houston Texans in overtime, their playoff aspirations were dashed for the second consecutive year. Subsequently, a Week 16 loss to the Seattle Seahawks by a narrow margin of 20–17 cemented their position at the bottom of the AFC South standings. Consequently, the Titans failed to make any progress from their 7–10 record in 2022. Throughout the season, they grappled with a myriad of challenges, including injuries and coaching issues. Consequently, on January 9, the Titans relieved head coach Mike Vrabel of his duties.

Mike Vrabel was open to running it back with the Titans before his ultimate firing

Offseason Considerations

The Titans’ primary needs align with premium positions crucial for every team. This underscores the necessity for the team to embark on a comprehensive rebuilding process. Prioritizing draft pick acquisitions becomes imperative for the Titans. That’s given their limited presence in the top 100 picks, with only selections at No. 7 and No. 38.

Considering the current roster status, DeAndre Hopkins emerges as a doubtful long-term fit. Sure, the 31-year-old showcased his capability as a primary receiving option in the recent season. However, his effectiveness may wane by the time the Titans regain competitiveness. In addition, although Andre Dillard’s performance in the previous season was subpar, his position as a tackle might attract interest from teams willing to take a chance on a former first-round pick.

Brian Callahan, Ran Carthon, Malik Willis all beside each other, and Tennessee Titans wallpaper in the background.

Offseason Priority

The overhaul of the offensive line in the previous season turned out to be a debacle. In particular, Dillard performed abysmally. In fact, some literal turnstiles seemed more effective than the offensive tackle. He surrendered 12 sacks, tying for the highest among all offensive linemen according to Pro Football Focus. For his part, Peter Skoronski, a first-round selection, experienced expected fluctuations and should show improvement in his second year. Still, the injury-plagued line remained one of the weakest in pass protection across the NFL and struggled to create running lanes.

Brian Callahan, Ran Carthon, Malik Willis all beside each other, and Tennessee Titans wallpaper in the background.

Tennessee must seek enhancements to shield Will Levis. The newly appointed head coach, Brian Callahan, may consider recruiting his former colleague Jonah Williams, who faced challenges in Cincinnati but could offer an upgrade for the Titans. The presence of Brian’s father, the accomplished offensive line coach Bill Callahan, within the Tennessee coaching staff should prove to be a significant advantage in this endeavor, too.

Here we will look at the three cut candidates on the Tennessee Titans’ roster entering the 2024 NFL offseason.


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