June 13, 2024

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BBC radio presenter makes hilarious X-rated gaffe after Jason Mohammad unveils Cardiff City shirt live on air

It was a moment that left many in hysterics

BBC Radio Wales host Owen Money was left tongue-tied after accidentally using an expletive when referring to Cardiff City.

Money, who was presenting from the Royal Welsh Show with co-host Eleri Sion on Wednesday morning, was speaking to Bluebirds fan and BBC colleague Jason Mohammad live on air.

Mohammad then revealed he was wearing a Cardiff shirt to the pair.

“I was in two minds as to what to wear, so I decided to wear this – I thought I’d do this exclusively on your show,” he said when revealing what later turned out to be a Bluebirds away kit from 2019.

It clearly created a stir, with Money certainly not impressed.

Jason Mohammad - Wikipedia

“Oh shut up. What’s the matter with you?” Money said. He then added: “Can you do me a favour, can you walk towards me, because I’ve never seen a Cardiff s***ty, City shirt…”

After an audible gasp from his co-host, and no doubt some of his producers, he quickly added: “I didn’t mean that, I swear. I meant I’ve never seen a Cardiff City shirt going forward. Come on.”

Laughter then ensued before Eleri Sion then interjected: “Apologies if we’ve offended anybody.”

Mohammad clearly saw the funny side, too. “The editor of the stations is currently giggling,” he pointed out.

Sion then joked: “It was nice knowing you, Owen Money. I’ll be sitting in for you Saturday morning!”


BBC Radio Wales - Money for Nothing - Owen Money

Owen Money and Eleri Sion returned on Thursday to broadcast live from the Royal Welsh.

BBC Radio Wales’ Money for Nothing, airing dedications, song requests and classic tracks from the 1950s-1980s, airs on Saturdays from 9am, while Owen Monday’s Solid Gold Sunday airs from 11am, broadcasting the greatest music from the 1960s-1970s.

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